HOA Bookkeeping and TIC Property Tax Services

Who We Are

HōmWorks (pronounced Home-Works) provides financial management for TIC & HOAs.

We come highly recommended by legal experts such as Andy Sirkin & Associates, Real Estate professionals, Title Companies. Mortgage- and Insurance Brokers.

HōmWorks started in 2010 as Albers HOA & SF TIC Services. We have grown to serve clients throughout California. We can assist you setting up your accounting for HOA organization or take over your existing books.

What We Do

We help you set up a new your financials for your HOA or TIC, including all the financial tasks and bank accounts. We put checks and balances in place and provide you with meaningful reports.

We transfer your existing books, help the TIC with those complicated Property Tax calculations and are here to assist new home buyers where it comes to the CC&R's or TIC Agreement.


Email: info@homworks.co

Main Phone: 415.912.0582


San Francisco | 1736 Stockton Street Studio 9 | San Francisco, CA 94133 | ph: 415.912.0582

Los Angeles | 200 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004| ph: 323.402.4914

Mailing | PO Box 330395 | San Francisco, CA 94133


We take over your existing HOA books, put checks and balances in place and a proven support process. We pay your bills and provide you with as much information as you need to feel comfortable that your HOA is in good hands.

We assist developers of small to mid-size Condo and TIC buildings in setting up a support structure that allows individual unit sales and integration of the new co-owners as units are sold.

We assist the new TICs and HOAs with the development of HOA budgets, the monthly dues, setting up the books, a contribution payment process, penalty tracking, bank accounts, reconciliation and reporting.

We make it easier to sell or refinance your home with the state of the art HOA financial reporting and the execution of financial disclosure forms.

Support Package

        • Monthly bookkeeping tasks, bill paying, invoicing, collection and depositing monthly dues

        • Online/App HOA payments, shared document portal and electronic approval process for vendor bills

        • Bank management, including deposits and monthly bank statements

        • Reporting, including monthly, quarterly and annual reports, month-end reconciliations.

        • Co-owners delinquency tracking, penalty tracking automated reminders for delinquent homeowners

        • Annual Operating Budget preparation and reviews

        • Monthly Budget vs. actual tracking, income v. expense, cash flow and balance sheet reporting

        • Segregation of reserve and operating funds

        • Quarterly contribution analysis and adjustments

        • Annual property tax calculations and reviews for TIC shared tax liability

        • Support during unit sale or refinance, including working with real estate professionals

        • Budget and improvement project tracking related to expenses, special assessments, etc.

        • Annual HOA meeting review to provide a financial overview and answer detailed questions

Homeowner portal overview.

Review from Yan Z. on Yelp:

"I was skeptical of HomWorks based on their google reviews, but it turns out i had nothing to fear. kevin is great at communication and responds to my emails promptly even if i have a dumb question that he can't answer.

I moved into a 10-unit TIC this year which uses HomWorks and i have no complaints. they seem very organized. their web app (appfolio) is pretty good and supports non-SMS 2FA :).

Overall i'm very glad we're using their services instead of trying to self-manage the HOA."